The Narcissist Lover

You fall in love with them and it goes great for a while. You trust them so you end up sharing your past, your pains,your dark secrets. Now they know a great deal about you, they sympathize with you, they feel bad for you, they start making promises as to how they would treat you better. You end up believing those astounding, breathtaking , perplexing words. You feel blessed. You make them your whole world now. You distance yourself from friends and family. Give them all the attention and right after they have enough power over you they start to control you, belittle you , find faults, abuse you and later say they were doing it for our good. Nevertheless their words end up making you believe that you can’t get the love they give from anyone else. And right here is the reason why they say love is blind. You ignore the signs and play along to their tune. Now it’s their way or no way. They drive you mad and end up calling you the crazy one. You start to feel bad, you start to feel like you’re the wrong one.You start to compromise, sacrifice things in order to keep them happy. Never satisfied are they? They begin to find new faults. Later you find out that their friends know all about you too.Their friends now have a control over you. You can call these friends mediators, helpers, social workers etc who do everything to solve issues between you both like a pro all with a devious intention.Frustration starts to creep in. You end up asking yourself is this what you deserve? Emotions ruling over you still settle for it. You’ve had enough now so you plan to give it a break, tell them it’s over and that you deserve better. They start to beg, cry, plead with you not to leave. They show you a different side to them, you feel sad.¬†Your feelings are still raw so you fall for it once again, give them a second chance. The cycle goes on until one final day you leave for real. They know it too. Their world begins to tumble down that they no longer can have you, that they no longer can control you so they abuse you, make you the bad one and you end up being the bad one. Remember how they promised you that they will still love you even if you leave? Where did that go now? They go all out now to spread those secrets, they try different ways and methods to emotional blackmail you into staying and when they see nothing working they begin to post all about you everywhere, make diss songs on you, call you a bitch, say things like these hoes ain’t loyal. Well did they forget who was loyal throughout when they were playing around ? They’ll call you a liar, a cheat, everywhere they go they will talk bad about you so that nobody else would find you appealing. Why? cause deep¬†inside they know that you’re a good soul but because they couldn’t have you they spread things about you, things you’ve shared while you were with them. People who don’t know you personally begin to believe them. You drown, make yourself miserable, worry about what people might think. BUT NO! Don’t give in to it. Don’t succumb to it. Don’t hurt youself or drown yourself in self misery. Rise higher much higher than them. Forgive. Doesn’t matter. Coz who’s the bigger person here ? You! Remember happy people don’t put others down. People will talk whether you’ve done good or bad so doesn’t matter. Straighten your crown. Fix your gown. Hell with these clowns.