Hold on!

All along you have had too many guys breaking your heart, make you do everything their way and you think to yourself damn not again and for all that you do it still goes back to the old same routine. You cry each day because you know you would do anything for them but they would only doubt and question your love, you might want to hate love but guess what? Hold on coz you are one step closer to meeting “the one”. This guy won’t treat you in a way the others did, he won’t be selfish, he will put forth your needs before his because for him it’s only you who would matter. He won’t go around making you jealous coz he would know the person he has is priceless. This ain’t no fairytale..Na! He won’t fall for you because of your looks. He will love you for who you are, respect you and give you the world on a platter. He is somewhere out there waiting to bump into you. You needn’t go out and search for him, he himself will come to you and when he does “YOU WOULD KNOW AND YOU WOULD LOOK UP TO THE HEAVENS AND SAY THANKYOU”.


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